Pretty sure their were at least a handful of Disney movies I watched over and over again. The Little Mermaid and The Lion King definitely stick out. So does Aladdin. Something about the magic of seeing the world in different perspectives clearly had me intrigued as a youngster.

Aladdin was this multi-dynamic film that almost replicated that of Romeo and Juliet but in kids' terms. The magic of riding on a carpet to see all the amazing things the world had to offer. Maybe I'm looking to deeply into this film.

Regardless, I was very excited when I got an email asking if I would like to talk with the broadway tour actors for Jasmine and Aladdin – or Kaena and Jonah, respectively. Both of which are from Hawaii and both of which are experiencing their first national broadway tour.

They are hitting the Providence Performing Arts Center October 29 through November 10 for 12 performances.

Here is my chat with them about the life of touring with your friend:

OMG. Yes I got very excited when Jonah said that an actually flying rug is in the broadway tour. I'm definitely super excited to see the show now. Will you be attending? I think it's a must for all the young people to experience Aladdin. Especially since it's an opportunity to see it performed on such an historic stage.

Ok, so you haven't gotten tickets yet? All good. Go the PPAC website and get them now. Their are still some seats available at most of the performances.

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