It's a sad day in the small town of Fairhaven.

News was spreading fast that the Alden Road Dunkin' was getting set to close its doors for good and, quite frankly, it upset me. These were the same doors I have walked through almost every morning for my daily cup of cold brew.
However, this place was more than a coffee shop to me–I've worked here, and I've made friends with all the workers.
How many donuts have I sold with the drive-thru headset? I don't know, perhaps 5-7,000? But who's counting anyways?
I love everything about the Alden Road location; from Iced Coffee Day to Donut Day, it's always a fun time when I get to stop by.
Honestly, I'd be lying if I said I'm not going to miss this place. It's where I learned how to make the perfect iced coffee and proper customer service, but at least I'll have the memories and good times.
Alas! There is good news: the new NextGen Dunkin' will be opening up right across the street from the Alden road location and will be here before you know it.
Check out all the details below:
#AmericaRunsOnDunkin' #GazelleRunsOnDunkin'

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