Last week, the SouthCoast heard about the Carreiro family and Lisa Carreiro’s battle with ovarian cancer. Her dying wish is to experience one last Christmas, so her co-workers surprised her with an extravagant display of Christmas lights that left her speechless.

Her husband, Frank, asked the community to mail in Christmas Cards to offer messages of support to his wife. Frank checked in with Michael and Maddie this morning, and it sounds like the SouthCoast has put a little Christmas cheer into the hearts of the Carreiros.

Frank called in this morning while Gazelle and I were wrapping up our morning in the studio. He wanted to extend his gratitude to Fun107 for getting his family’s story out there, and he was so excited to report that the generosity of strangers has not slowed down.

After hearing about the story on Fun107, neighbors of Frank decided to put up Christmas displays of their own.

“We have three other neighbors that have decked out their houses,” Frank said. The joy in his voice got me emotional.

Frank explained that Lisa is now in the hospital. The Christmas cards are flooding in and other items are arriving to her hospital bed as well.

Photo Courtesy of Frank Carreriro
Photo Courtesy of Frank Carreriro

“Some are gifts, some are’s given her a lot of hope,” Frank said.

This phone call left me speechless. The SouthCoast has really stepped up to help their neighbors in need. A simple act of kindness has the incredible ability to provide hope and comfort to those who need it most.

Frank wants you to know that “from the Carreiro family, we appreciate it so much.”

If you would like to send Lisa a card, please send it to 34 Lisa Ave., Acushent, MA 02743.

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