Everyone is always in a rush these days, but that doesn’t mean we should be driving like maniacs. Kari recently shared that Massachusetts drivers were ranked among the safest in America, but one Acushnet woman would probably disagree after finding tire marks on her front lawn.

Aimee Rock has been a resident of Acushnet for the past three years, and she's had enough with speedsters. She took to Facebook with a plea, begging residents to slow down. She uploaded a picture that shows Nyes Lane running adjacent to the side of her house. A car must have taken the left turn from Middle Road onto Nyes Lane a little too quickly because tire marks can be seen veering off the road and onto her grass, headed straight for her fenced-in backyard.

Courtesy of Aimee Rock
Courtesy of Aimee Rock

“I’m not sure who did this to our yard,” she wrote, "But I am thankful that we were not outside when it happened.”

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Aimee tells me that people treat the area like a raceway, adding, "The Acushnet PD sits in the library parking lot almost every day to monitor traffic so I know they're trying, but they can't be everywhere all the time."

Several residents expressed their concerns in the comments, and Rock admitted that she will be looking into security cameras.

“I’m guessing this won’t be the first or last time this happens sadly," she said.

Kimberly Pacheco chimed in saying, “People think Nyes is a highway! It’s getting worse every day!!”

Full disclosure, I don’t have a lawn, but if my parents found tire marks on their freshly-cut grass, there would be hell to pay. Not only is it incredibly inconsiderate to violate someone’s property, but it’s also extremely unsafe to be driving that fast in a residential area.

The unknown vehicle must have been going pretty fast for them to swerve off the road and onto the grass. It even appears that the vehicle had to back up to get back on the road, stopping a few feet in front of the fence.

Luckily, no one was harmed in this instance, but luck will eventually run out. Let’s do better to keep our neighborhoods safe and slow down. Your life is more important than your ETA.

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