Aside from many other things, the year 2020 has become the year that Americans embraced the car parade. Unlike traditional parades where most walked several miles to participate in a parade, the modern-day coronavirus-caused parades are done with social distancing in mind, thus behind the wheel of a vehicle of some sort.

It wasn't long into the pandemic when parade fever hit. Late March saw the birth of the birthday parades for children and adults alike. It turns out that everyone truly does love a parade. Just ask Gazelle, who committed to and drove in hundreds of parades until our schedule became overwhelming.

Our favorites have been the Class of 2020 parades. We've been privileged to have been invited to many of them across the SouthCoast. Thanks to BayCoast Bank, who has sponsored the Fun 107 Class of 2020 tour, we were able to attend graduate parades for the graduating seniors of Fairhaven High School, Somerset Berkley High, and Dartmouth High.

Next up this week will be New Bedford High School's Class of 2020 parade, which will consist of two laps around the campus on Thursday afternoon starting at 2 p.m. Old Rochester Regional High School will round out this week's Class of 2020 parades. Rochester will begin its parade at 6:45 Friday night, Marion and Mattapoisett will begin at 7 p.m. All three parades will conclude at Old Rochester Regional High School.

Fun 107's coverage of the New Bedford High School Class of 2020 parade is brought to you by Gary's Best Hot Dogs on Ashley Boulevard, New Bedford. Old Rochester's Class of 2020 parade is presented by George Fearons at Oyster Harbors Marine in Marion.

Acushnet Public Schools Parade June 15, 2020

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