Apple Peach Festival weekend also means yard sale weekend in Acushnet.

It's Apple Peach Festival weekend in Acushnet. That means yummy goodies behind Long Plain Museum. It also means a massive increase in traffic for the sleepy little SouthCoast town. Bumper-to-bumper traffic is usually unheard of in Acushnet, but you'll see it regularly over Apple Peach Festival weekend, as cars scamper to find available parking or get to a shuttle location.

The increase in traffic becomes the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurial residents, particularly on Main Street, to have a yard sale. If you are a fan of yard sales, you won't want to miss Apple Peach Festival weekend in Acushnet.

No need to check Craigslist. Just drive up and down Main Street, check the telephone poles at Parting Ways, look for the handmade cardboard signs all over town. One yard sale features items from the owners of Halloween Connection. It specializes in Halloween decorations and costumes.


When the weather is cooperative, it almost seems like every other house on Main Street has their life on display and on sale on their front lawns.

Today was day one of the Apple Peach Festival, but if you missed it, there will likely be a repeat performance tomorrow on Main Street. The weather is calling for another overcast, but dry day tomorrow with highs in the 60's. A perfect day for yard sales!

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