Thanks to the help of local animal shelters, I can give animals that are up for adoption and need a place to call home center stage. From bunny rabbits to dogs, I continue my efforts in getting as many pets as adopted as possible.

Wet Nose Wednesday is back for another week of animal love, and this time, it’s a two-for-one special from CARE SouthCoast, Inc. in Acushnet.

Courtesy of CARE SouthCoast, Inc.
Courtesy of CARE SouthCoast, Inc.

Meet Mouse and Clarabelle. They are six-year-old siblings that have been inseparable since birth. Mouse is the darker tiger and Clarabelle is the lighter one. They both have beautiful green eyes, and from the looks of the pictures, they are no strangers to cuddles. Their previous owner left them behind and never returned for them, with no explanation.

“We can’t understand why two of the sweetest cats with the most engaging personalities would be left behind,” said Ruth Marshman of CARE SouthCoast, Inc.

They depend on each other and thrive together, so CARE SouthCoast requires these two to be adopted together. Getting another cat after getting my first cat the year prior was the best decision I ever made. It gave my older cat a companion which allowed for both of them to be overall happier felines. Getting two cats that are so closely bonded already is a huge bonus for anyone interested in owning this brother-and-sister duo.

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Mouse and Clarabelle have been spayed, neutered, and are in the process of getting their vaccines up to date. These two are ready to find a forever home and to bring some character to a lucky family on the SouthCoast. Email for an application, find them at and like them on Facebook.

CARE SouthCoast, Inc.

211 Middle Rd., Acushnet

(508) 994-0220

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