For today's Morning Talker, a nurse in Maine was exposed to Ebola in Africa and now wants to sue state officials for making her stay in a 21 day quarantine at home.

Kaci Hickox is a nurse who was helping to fight Ebola in West Africa. When she came home, the state of Maine had filed a court order to keep her quarantined for three weeks until they can see if she has caught the deadly disease. Hickox was not so happy about the sentencing and is planning on suing state officials.

We talked to our friends down at ABC6 and most of us agreed that being quarantined is a small sacrifice compared to possibly having other people catch Ebola. If anything, 21 days at home sounds great! You can spend the whole day in your pjs and catch up on some T.V!

There is an idea going around that states should create a policy for anyone who gives their time to help citizens in Africa so all the nurses and doctors could know what they were getting into. It does seem that laws are being made up as we go, in order to figure out how to handle an Ebola outbreak.

What do you think? Do you think states have the right to quarantine people without them knowing beforehand or do you think it is better for us to be safe than sorry?