I thought I spotted Santa and his elf in Fairhaven the other day...then he surprised us this morning with a phone call. 


On my way home from the station on Tuesday, I pulled up behind to an older Buick station wagon and noticed that the driver was donning what looked like a Santa hat. At the next set of lights, I pulled up next to the car and realized that not only was Santa, in his full suit, in the car but he had an adorable little elf with him in the passanger seat. I was so excited that I didn't even have time to pull out my phone before we got on the highway and off they went.

I mentioned this morning that I had seen Santa and his elf this morning on the show and less than 15 minutes later, we got a call from the Big Guy himself. We couldn't even believe it! Santa told us that he and his elf, Jangles, had been in Fairhaven the other day on their way to deliver toys to a hospital with children who have suffered brain injuries. He said they were in their station wagon while the other elves get his sleigh ready for the big night. You can listen to the full call below - it'll get you into the Christmas spirit if you aren't already.


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