This morning I walked into work and there was a package for me!  Last time this happened, it was a cardboard cut-out of Scarlett Johansson...this time, it was a taste of summer!

One of my listeners from my last radio station, followed me here to Fun 107 and thought of me when she took a recent trip to my favorite vacation spot, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

She recently called into the show to check in with myself, Michael and Larry, and she said she would be sending back some goodies...and boy did she!!

Today, when I came in, I opened up a package with a pink (my favorite color) Myrtle Beach t-shirt, a Myrtle Beach 'Loren' license plate (which btw are impossible to find spelled that way, trust me, I've tried!!), a magnet, some shells and two shark tooth necklaces!  I feel like I hit the jackpot baby!

Myrtle Beach, SC is my favorite vacation spot...even after I left the country to go to Jamaica on my honeymoon, I still like Myrtle Beach's just my favorite place on Earth.  Thank you Susan from Wareham, for reminding me of my favorite place and giving me a taste of summer even when it's raining :).