Imagine, it's the middle of February, you're driving to work in your favorite Summer clothes, windows down (or AC... if you're like that), and it's 75 degrees outside with clear skies. Now, before you get too carried away, to make that happen, you'd probably have to move, sorry.

It seems like every snowstorm, all I hear is, "Great, time to get up early and shovel again, and bundle up for the frigid temperatures".

BUT, it got me thinking, if the weather was "perfect" all the time, we're all a little greedy inside, what would be the number thing we complained about if it wasn't the weather?

Would we STILL find a way to complain about the weather we once called the "perfect" or would it be more of "Maa (mom), the people at Dunks messed up my caaaffee (coffee) again this morning."

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