A Southcoast with NO Snow?
Imagine, it's the middle of February, you're driving to work in your favorite Summer clothes, windows down (or AC... if you're like that), and it's 75 degrees outside with clear skies. Now, before you get too carried away, to make that happen, you'd probably have to move, so…
Can posting videos of your kids on Facebook be considered annoying?
Over the weekend, I shared a video on my Facebook of my son. I was super excited because he had an opportunity to carry the football for the very first time in a game...
How To Block “Bitstrips” From Your Facebook
For those of you that don't see the humor in this new Facebook application, here is a favor from me.
Bitstrips are all over the place now. These "cartoons" show up on your news feed, and at least to me, just take up space.
Here is a link that will guide you on the process of blo…
Things That Parents Say to Non-Parents That Are So Annoying
Before anyone says anything, yes being a parent is tough. However, people have been doing this job for as long as people have been walking around the Earth. So spoiler alert - you aren't the first people to have kids, be tired, or hate yourself for sitting through a 6 hour tee-ball game.
Facebook Pet Peeves
After reading the story about people cutting back on their Facebook time, We decided to come up with the night show top ten Facebook pet peeves.
Wanna Sell Something? Knock On JR’s Door
That is what I'm beginning to think is the word on the street.   It was 10 after 9 at night, a little after my bedtime ( my alarm goes of at 3:30am), when the doorbell rang.  Barking dogs, my wife telling me to go answer the door.