Yesterday one of my co-workers sent me this video from the 'Ellen' show and although it is a bit dated I still thought I'd share it with you. Women have come a long way in society but it always seems the men continue to get the upper hand. It has been proven that women still earn less than men which is completely unfair. Anything a man can do, a woman can do better...right?  BIC thinks so.

BIC introduced a line of pens "For Her" featuring a sleek and elegant design.  Reviewers of the product on created some pretty hilarious reviews, mocking the pen line and saying things such as this from Tracey Hamilton: "Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed a pen that I can use all month long! I use it when I'm swimming, riding a horse, walking on the beach and doing yoga. It's comfortable, leak-proof, non-slip and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty!  Where has this pen been all my life???."

Even more hilarious, is this commercial for the Bic pens Ellen created for her show.

In this clip from 2012, Ellen introduces her audience to Bic Pens 'For Her' and mentions just how far women have advanced and how proud she is of us. Yes Ellen, equality for all! The pen which features a "thin barrel to fit a woman's hand" and also comes in pink (my favorite color) is supposed make writing more comfortable for women.  While I am all for buying things that come in pink, including pens...I just don't think I need Bic to tell me that it's 'for her'.  I'm not offended...I just think it's kind of dumb, that's all.  If I do find myself using a 'for her' pen, I just hope they aren't the retractable ones... I am kind of OCD about my pens and they must have caps.

Wow, I can't believe I've been using a 'man pen' my whole life...