I am fondly referred to as "Crazy Aunt Nancy" to my niece and two nephews and in their defense I can be a little nuts. I try to convince them to do things I think are funny all the time and they usually aren't very interested. But sometimes they surprise me.

This is the time of year when things come to an end. The school year, sports seasons and of course dance classes. I remember it fondly from my own childhood, the big dance recital night!

Last year my niece had her very first dance recital and as a seasoned expert from my own youth, I asked her what she wanted for after the performance.

She looked very confused at this so I explained that typically parents, grandparents, aunts, etc would present the dancers with flowers of some sort after the recital. I don't really know why, but it was always a thing when I was little.

As usual with my niece the normal thing wasn't really her thing. So I made some other

pie in the face
Nancy Hall/TSM

suggestions asking her if she prefer some candy, a congrats card or maybe a pie in the face.

The last one was intended as a joke, but surprise, surprise that's the one she wanted!

So that's exactly what I gave her!

I went old school slap stick comedy and got myself an aluminum pie pan and a can of whipped cream and made a "pie." The after her recital we went out to the parking lot and I pied her in the face!

And she loved it!

She also thought she'd love pie-ing me in the face back, so I let her. It was huge hit with passers by in the parking lot, though I'm sure they thought we were a little nuts.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be starting any trends here, but do you give a post-recital gift? And if so what do you usually give?

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