It's a very much needed daily routine for so many of us each morning as we drive to work. For some, this may be the only Dunkin' Donuts shop they pass on the way in. Imagine the panic attacks as drivers pulled into the drive-thru only to find this shop is temporarily closed.

When you're not expecting the location to be closed, or in your morning haste, you simply forgot, this can really put a damper on the morning. As I drove by the Dunkin'/7-Eleven location on Route 6 in Mattapoisett these past two mornings, I saw a number of cars slowing down to turn into the drive-thru, only to have their brake lights go on as they entered the parking lot. I could almost hear them say, "What do I do now?" Of course, there are other Dunkin' shops within a few miles of this particular one, but if it's not planned in advance or on your way to work, it's an issue. However, many of us agree that for that morning coffee, it's worth leaving the house a few minutes early.

This Dunkin' Donut shop is inside the 7-Eleven and according to a sign in the window, will be reopening very soon. The clerk of the store wasn't sure of the exact day but said she heard it will be within a week or so. Meantime, Meanwhile, many of us will have a different morning routine now that we have survived the mini-panic attack,

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