I've heard of the "no blood, no foul," rule in pickup games, but this is insane.

According to Fox 5, a tweet that read "today for the first time in my life...I experienced someone call the police because they got fouled hard in basketball," went viral.

Apparently the man got his shot blocked and was sent tumbling to the ground. Well in classic LeBron James form, he apparently thought it was a foul and wanted to complain. According to the report he immediately went to the front desk of the LA Fitness where the game was played to complain. The workers behind the desk contacted police.

The police were told a man was assaulted during a basketball game. According to the report witnesses said it really wasn't all that. They said no punches were thrown. Nothing. He just had his shot blocked.

So, THIS is the basketball landscape the LeBron James fans have started. We're calling the cops when we get "fouled." Of course by fouled I mean legally defended appropriately in a game with no referees.


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