Dartmouth resident Nikki Talbot received a package from Crate & Barrel this week and quickly noticed something strange about the box.

She took to social media to see if this happened to others.

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Courtesy Nikki Talbot
Courtesy Nikki Talbot

"Anyone else's packages come with a Homer Simpson drawing?" she asked on her Instagram story.

As innocent as the drawing is, it borders on unprofessionalism -- but whose?  The delivery driver? Crate & Barrel? Someone else? I'm not pointing fingers, just asking.

I asked Talbot if the drawing might been the work of someone walking by her house. She said the package was outside for no more than a couple of hours and that she lives in a neighborhood with mostly older retired people.

Sounds like a dead end to me.

Now, when it comes to Massachusetts law, there's nowhere that states that defacing a box like this is illegal in any way. Uncalled for and immature, yes, but the perpetrator isn't going to face consequences.

I'm curious to see if anyone else had this happen to them or if this is the creativity of a one-hit-wonder sketch artist with too much time on their hands.

Any info as to who might be behind this mysterious Homer Simpson drawing can be sent to Gazelle@Fun107.com. I'll be sure to keep you anonymous.

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