Celebrity divorces are nothing new, but the couple that announced their split yesterday caught my attention. Not because they are going their separate ways, but because of the research behind divorce in general that they shared along with their news.

By now you have most likely heard that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are separating, maybe you even read it on Gwyneth's GOOP website (cause of course she posted the news on her website first). But it's the research they also posted on GOOP that may actually make a lot of people look at marriage itself in a whole new way.

As someone who is getting married in just a few months, maybe I shouldn't have read this research, but I did. And it somehow made a lot of sense.

Gwyneth and Chris actually prefer to call their divorce a Conscious Uncoupling, which may sound super pretentious, but seems to have some solid thought behind it.

Perhaps we shouldn't just say "oh, hollywood marriages never work out,"

 Along with their news was a journal from Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Sherry Sami which takes a look at the rising divorce rate around the world and comes up with a very logical look at why that rate may be so high.

They look at the 50% divorce rate not as something that is necessarily a problem, but as something that simply reflects the longer life expectancy of the average person.

With lifetimes being two or three times longer than they were when humans first appeared on Earth, they theorize that people may now have two or three significant long-term relationships in their lifetimes.

I mean it makes sense.

They don't go as far as to say that divorce is inevitable and I certainly don't think it is. But they offer up a very logical ways to go into a marriage and to protect that marriage from ending in anger.

Maybe it's only cause I'm headed into a new marriage, but I thought this was a great journal that could help people have healthier relationships and even healthier divorces.

Perhaps we shouldn't just say "oh, hollywood marriages never work out," or "facebook is causing more marriages to end in divorce these days." Maybe it's just that fact that we live longer and our lives to in fact change in so many ways we could never plan or expect that lead more couples to to uncouple.

So do you think this theory holds some weight or are these celebrities just trying to seem better than those who have divorced before them?

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