My Honda Crosstour took it’s final breath today (hypothetically speaking of course). The insurance adjusters deemed it as a total loss. Still hard to believe, even as I write this memoir. It’s not everyday that I come across something with such an attachment like the one I’ve encountered with my car. Yes, I understand it’s an inanimate object thats sole purpose is for transportation, but it’s more than that in my eyes.

It was very early on the morning of Sunday, August 16th when I was shaken to the bone as a rogue deer suddenly crossed my path. I was spooked, I was frightened; So I swerved. They say that some accidents caused by deer have been known to be fatal if hit direct on. This could have been the case or it could have been minor compared to the aftermath of choosing to spare its life. Good news animal lovers, the deer escaped death by inches. Some say I have a big heart, perhaps that’s the case here. Regardless, I swerved in a panic. I was only 40 seconds from home.

The road was dark and extremely Narrow, hence the name ‘Narrow’s Avenue’. To my right was a solid rock wall, to my left a farmer’s fence constructed of thick posts and metal wiring. My brakes were pointless at this point in time as several large posts, the girth of telephone poles, tore through the under-carriage and ripped off the front end. I slid a good couple-hundred feet before slamming into a metal entrance gate, crippling my vehicle and deploying the air-bag.

I opened my eyes to a wreck. Glass, wooden splinters and pieces of the Crosstour littered the inside cabin. Adrenaline and numbness spread throughout my body as I sat in disbelief. It all happened too quickly. The obnoxiously loud car horn rang throughout the stillness of the wooded area. I was confused, yet terrified to see the damage. Looking down upon myself, there was zero bodily harm besides a third degree burn and sprained thumb due to the airbag. I was alive…. Thank God-Almighty, I was alive.

After forcing the door open, I stepped out in one piece and stood in shock. What was once a prized possession that I worked hard to obtain was sitting in a crippling state. Several thoughts entered my mind such as: Thank God I wore my seatbelt and was sober. Speed was not a factor, nor was I distracted by anything such as a cell phone or the radio. This was simply a case of bad timing.

Collecting the remaining items from my car that once considered it a home made me think of how fortunate I was with the whole situation. I could have been killed, yet here I am today, writing this story. My Honda saved my life and for that I am forever grateful. Whatever vehicle lies ahead of me is still a mystery. The bar was set high with the Crosstour and the next car will have big shoes (or tires) to fill.

Yes, I am saddened and heavy hearted, but the important thing is that I walked away from it all. With that being said, I am putting this in the past and moving forward. Here’s to the good times we shared and adventures we traveled upon. Goodbye, Catalina… Thanks for the ride.

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