Michael Lund, owner of the Borden Light Marina and visionary who brought us our favorite floating tiki bar the Tipsy Seagull- is expanding his waterfront empire. https://www.instagram.com/p/d7fVvpOoFN/?taken-by=thetipsyseagull

Lund first opened the Tipsy back 2008. A few years later he opened it's counterpart, the Tipsy Toboggan, a year-round restaurant with a cozy, ski-lodge vibe. We've been their respective laid-back vibes ever since.

Right now, Lund is only planning on improving his newly purchased property at 52 Ferry Street- a former warehouse style building for Northeast Products that you'll recognize best by this beautiful image below.


While the more immediate plans call for a renovated building, removal of the stone wall , new landscaping and executive office space on the inside- Lund teased us with the idea of a restaurant with a rooftop bar overlooking the waterfront.

Michael- if you’re reading this- we think the Seagull’s Nest, the Tispy Topsy and Rooftop Tipsy are great names. You're welcome.

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