Calls came flooding in on Michael and Maddie Thursday morning to help the Harrington Family on day four of Holiday Wish Week, but for me, there was one call that stood out above the rest.

It wasn’t the highest monetary donation of the day, but it was certainly the most genuine.

His name is Owen Audette from Westport, and at just 7 years old, he felt compelled to pick up the phone and donate some of his allowances to a family in need.

Amanda Audette and her son, Owen, listen to Fun 107 every morning on their commute from Westport to Rochester.

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“We listen every single morning, so (Owen) has been hearing all the stories every day of each family,” Audette said.

After hearing Michael and Maddie talk about the devastating fire that displaced the Harringtons, Owen turned to his mother with a request.

“He heard Michael say, ‘Text us,’ and immediately he said, ‘Mommy, can we text them?’" Audette said.

Owen ultimately called into the studio, and we got to hear the sweetest voice of a boy just looking to give back.

“I would like to donate $5,” he said, and my heart melted.

According to Owen’s mother, Owen has been saving up for a new skateboard.

“He does jobs around the house and he has this little wallet he keeps all of his money in,” Audette said. “He really wanted to donate it.”

I was so impressed by Owen’s big heart at such a young age, I asked, “What made you want to call in today?”

He said, “I just feel really bad that they lost everything really close to Christmas.”

Owen’s generosity was so pure, and it was such a beautiful moment to hear a child so young step up in a really big way.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was emotional the entire time he was on the phone with you guys,” Audette said. “In today’s world, sometimes it can feel hard to be a parent, and it’s something like this that makes you feel like you’ve done something right. I’m so proud of him.”

At just 7 years old, Owen has seemed to fully grasp the true meaning of the holidays, and after today’s donation, it’s safe to say he made his way onto the Nice List.

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