It's easy to make new year's resolutions.  It's even easier to brake them.  But we all have habits and items that need to go.  This is the time of year to get rid of them.

To keep it simple, I've made a "short list" of the recommendations published at

The Snooze Button.  Believe it or not, the experts say those extra few minutes will leave you more tired, not less.

Takeout Menus.  Who doesn't have a drawer full of these things.  Almost every good restaurant has their menu online, and it's up-to-date.

Expired Medication. In many cases these are dangerous.  To be sure, check the FDA guidelines.

Plastic Bags.  It's nice to have a few available. But we should take the remaining hundred or so bags to a recycling center.

Old Sunscreen. If you bought it for last summer, it probably will not be as effective by the next time you need to use it.  Throw it away and replace buy a new tube when you need it.

Expired Food.  Whether in your pantry or the freezer, there is a reason for the expiration dates.

Toxic Friends. We all have people in our lives that bring us down by being negative, gossiping, or simply not being a nice person.  Time to say goodbye to them for the new year.

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