The seasonal restaurants are starting to open and here are some of our favorites that will sure tell you summer is coming.


  • Turks via Facebook


    Turks opened on March 8th!

  • The Edge via Facebook

    The Edge

    The Edge in New Bedford is opening March 15th and we  are super excited to see what the renovations have done for us!

  • Back Eddy via Facebook

    The Back Eddy

    The Back Eddy will be opening March 25th and we are super excited for the 2016 season!

  • The Black Whale via Facebook

    The Black Whale

    The Black Whale opened March 1st and they are ready to feed us some amazing seafood.

  • Blount via Facebook

    Blount Clam Shack

    Blount Clam Shack doesn't have a specific day for opening yet, but we know it will be soon because they are hiring!

  • Little Moss via Facebook

    Little Moss Restaurant

    Little Moss Restaurant just opened February 26th and they are ready for spring.

  • Handy Hill via Facebook

    Handy Hill Creamery

    Handy Hill is a sure sign the summer is coming with their amazing lobster rolls.