Women and Men differ in multiple ways but as I continue to have more guy friends and less girl friends in my life I'm starting to notice women tend to hold onto situations which ultimately effects who they truly are where as men just don't care that much.

My guy friends tell me all the time that I'm not your "typical female" I never understood their thought behind this until one guy friend put the reason into one simple sentence for me saying "Mel you don't hold onto things the way a normal female would".

This sentence got me thinking, it made me agree with him and made me realize 7 situations females hold onto that they eventually let effect their way of being.

(1) Females tend to compete with one another. Instead of appreciating another females beauty, most females will size each other up trying to be equal to or better than. Personally I feel more gorgeous about myself when I have other gorgeous female friends surrounding me.

(2) The idea that we as females need to wear certain labels or look a certain way. We all go through a phase of insecurity, I looked like a total nerd growing up but we should just love ourselves for we are, why touch something that God already put his paintbrush on.

(3) Being fearful of being yourself with the possibility of someone calling you crazy or trashy. I'm as blunt as they come and if someone doesn't like it then that's their own problem, be true to your mind, emotions, and morals.

(4) The expectations of normalcy our parents and grandparents want for us. My father, although happy for me with all the accomplishments that I've made, tells me if I lived as a "normal" female I'd probably be married by now (which brings me to my 5th point)

(5) Believing marriage or finding/having a man in your life is what your "suppose" to do with your life. When we are girls we dream about what our wedding will be like before we dream about what our life career will be. Even with all the career's I have currently I'm not done with wanting to do more and experience more, as far as I'm concerned marriage can wait until I'm ready to settle down not until a man is ready to put a ring on it.

(6) Feeling as although you constantly need to apologize or please others because we are the "nurturing sex". I've learned the hard way you can never make anyone but yourself happy so put you first and never apologize for doing just that.

(7) The fear of being seen as swallow or not "flawless" to a man. I have found men to be very simple when it comes to a women making them happy and if they aren't is that really the kind of man that you truly want to be involved with anyways, so stop trying to be what you think a man wants and start being what you want to be for you if the man is "the one" he will fall in love with you and nothing else.

So ladies, let's give these 7 situations a 1-2-knock out punch and let's live for us they way we see fit for ourselves!

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