Shhh! It's A Secret
Ladies, "Sex In The City" said it best, we all have those little quirky things that we do but would never want a man to know about. Guys, I'm officially revealing the secret behind Victoria's Secret aka revealing five things women do in secret.
7 Situations Single Females Hold Onto
Women and Men differ in multiple ways but as I continue to have more guy friends and less girl friends in my life I'm starting to notice women tend to hold onto situations which ultimately effects who they truly are where as men just don't care that much.
Are Big Time Rush Getting Torn Apart by the Ladies?
The band Big Time Rush (who got their start as a group on a Nickelodeon sitcom) say they're still going strong and not on the way to a breakup even though their show is off the air, but all their promises reportedly may come to naught if Carlos Pena's fiance/actress Alex Vega has her way.