It's taken him 30 years, but Dennis Rosenlof has had more than his share of special sauce.   He isn't interested in Egg McMuffins, Filets-O-Fish or any of the rest of McDonald's menu, only the Big Mac.   And so far, he's consumed 12,000.

Rosenlof says his first meal of the day is at 10:30 a.m., when Big Mac's first become available.  He likes the taste, so he orders the same thing every day of the week but Sunday.

The 64-year-old electrical appliance salesman also says he enjoys very good health.  But health professionals say that he is missing vitamins, minerals and fiber from his diet.

The self-confessed Big Mac-aholic says he eats one on Monday, two on Tuesdays, one on Wednesday, two on Thursdays, one of two on Fridays, and two every Saturday.  He eats almost nothing else the rest of the day.    Rosenlof's wife cooks a family dinner on Sunday.

At 10 Big mac's every week, or 520 per year, Dennis Rosenlof will hit the 25,000 mark in the year 2044.  Our own Michael Rock, who has never even tried one, will still be at zero.