Today, as I came in, Webmaster BJ and I got to talking about some of the things we learned from the music growing up in the 1990's, after a very detailed and in depth discussion, we came to these 5 unavoidable facts.  The songs were clear as day in their teachings.

5. Shaggy: "Boombastic"- You don't have to be Jamaican, to sing like a Jamaican.

4. Snow: "Informer"- Even white guys from Canada can rap.

On a side note, we still have no idea what a 'licky boom boom down' is, or means. Well played, Snow.

3. Spice Girls "Wannabe"- We learned what the Spice Girl's really wanted what they really really wanted.

2. LL Cool J: "Mama Said Knock You Out"- Mom said it's O.K to fight sometimes.

Note: Fun 107 does not condone violence

1. Boy II Men: "End of the Road"- This helped us get through the break ups, and also showed us where exactly the end of the road was.