If you're from Westport, MA... You'll understand these advantages and disadvantages.


1.) Quiet, spacious and secluded.

Courtesy of Midnight Shift Photography

2.) The Westport Fair.

Via Facebook

3.) More access to locally grown food and fresh vegetables.

Courtesy of Midnight Shift Photography

4.) The air quality is much healthier than being in the city.

Stefan Redel

5.) Home of the Buzzards Bay Brewery... Some of the best local beer you'll find for miles.

Buzzards Bay Brewing/Facebook


1.) Get stuck behind a tractor and your most likely going to be late for work.


2.) That "Farm Smell"... Enough said.

3.) The Westport Fair Traffic.


4.) Tourists or as we call them... "Skukes".


5.) A lot fewer nightlife destinations than surrounding towns and cities.

Dmitriy Shironosov