April 1 is no joke in Rhode Island. It is a statewide day of giving known as 401Gives, an initiative of the United Way of Rhode Island.

From 6 a.m. on April 1 to 6 p.m. on April 2, Rhode Islanders participate in a mass effort to give back to nonprofits. Last year, 401Gives brought in $3.4 million to 546 nonprofits.

This year, the results are even more inspiring.

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What Is 401Gives?

Started in 2020, 401Gives is designed to bring a voice to nonprofit communities and encourage the state to give back.

“This giving challenge combines a state-of-the-art platform with a sophisticated media strategy to highlight the impact of Rhode Island’s nonprofit sector, which accounts for 18 percent of the state’s local workforce,” 401Gives said.

This initiative is all about bringing people together to make a huge difference. 401Gives offers an easy way to participate with its virtual fundraising, and the website offers real-time updates on which nonprofits people donate to and how much.

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401Gives Has Record Year for 2024

In its inaugural year, 401Gives brought in $1.3 million.

This year, it was an astounding $3,767,790 to 597 organizations.

“Year after year I am floored with how Rhode Islanders continue to take their generosity to new levels on behalf of the organizations that not only are important to them, but important to everyone who calls this great state home,” said Cortney Nicolato, the United Way’s president and CEO, to Philanthropy News Digest.

This year, Foster Forward, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the child welfare system in Rhode Island, received the most donations, totaling $233,590.21.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island followed behind with $104,407 in donations.

401Gives is a massive effort to improve the lives of so many people. It brings strangers together under one common goal: give back to those who need a helping hand.

Congratulations to United Way of Rhode Island and 401Gives for another stellar year.

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