Attention all of you Rocky Horror Picture Show fans! The annual Halloween screening is taking place at the Zeiterion Theatre on October 31st.  If you’re a Rocky Horror fan, then you know what to do! If you’re new to Rocky, you’re in for a sensation as audience participation is a must! The show is Rated-R, so please, 18+ only.

Here are some freaky facts you may not have known about this cult classic.

  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, was filmed at The Oakley Court in Windsor, England, and it's now a hotel where you can actually book a room.
  2. Steve Martin had auditioned for the role of Brad, but didn't get the part. He was passed over for Tony Award nominee, Barry Bostwick.
  3. The clock featured in the song "Time Warp" had and actual skeleton inside of it.
  4. Meatloaf (cast as Eddie) needed a body double for the motorcycle riding shots in "Hot Patootie" because he didn't know how to ride one.
  5. Mick Jagger  also originally wanted the role of Frank-N-Furter. The creative team preferred Tim Curry.

Ever wonder who you would be?

Take the quiz and find out if you're Brad, Janet, Magenta, or Frank-N-Furter.