It was two short years ago when graduating seniors missed out entirely on their Thanksgiving football traditions. Kids who have played through years and years of Pop Warner Football, dreaming of playing in front of the huge Thanksgiving Day high school crowd, missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But that was years ago. This Thursday will be much different, and for that we are so thankful.

I always say Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday because of the three F's: family, food and football – and not necessarily in that order. There's no better Massachusetts Thanksgiving tradition than high school football. It's a perfect storm of returning alumni, socializing and players competing in their final games.

Most high school football players will never play in games watched by bigger crowds.  For most seniors, they will never play the game of football, competitively, ever again.  The finality of it all puts a lump in my throat to this day.

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While a handful of games are played on Wednesday night, the lion's share of games is played while the turkey is in the oven on Thanksgiving morning.

ABC 6 Meteorologist Kelly Bates is calling for a chilly start to Thanksgiving day, but partly sunny with highs near 50 degrees.

Here is a list of high school football games, times and locations for Thanksgiving weekend.  Don't forget, as always, the appetizer for the weekend begins Wednesday night at 6 with a showdown between Old Colony and Tri-County Tech.

Good luck to all graduating seniors in their final Thanksgiving Day games. Play like a champion, and enjoy every single moment.

2022 SouthCoast Thanksgiving Football Guide

A list of teams, times and locations for SouthCoast Thanksgiving football.

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