30 days, 'Blue Moon' draft... the ultimate "game-changer".

Forget about the "Dollaritas", put the "L.I.T." (dollar Long Island Ice Teas) in the past... there's a new cowboy of a promotion in town.

According to Supercall.com,  Applebees Bar & Grill is having a beer promotion that's light on your wallets, but full of taste. 'Blue Moon' draft beers will only cost $2.00 for a 10 oz. stein!

Take advantage of this "cheap thrill" by pairing it with a plate or two of all you can eat riblets and chicken tenders for only $12.99. Let's just say a $20 bill can go a long way.

“So if you’re in the neighborhood under this blue moon — it’s this January — grab a friend or two for a beer or two.” -Applebees

Gather your friends and family and enjoy an ice cold Belgium Wheat beer! Just don't forget the orange garnish... it wouldn't be a true 'Blue Moon' with the orange slice!

21+ Only, Please Drink Responsibly

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