From Check out this list of everyday things you could be doing that are making you look older than your actual age!

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Sleeping with your face in the pillow: Sleeping on your side, stomach, or in the same position, can cause wrinkles. Try sleeping on your back or buy a satin pillowcase.

Getting less than 5 hours of sleep: According to medical professionals, not getting enough sleep can lead to bags under your eyes and potentially lead to a shorter lifespan.

Multitasking: Some think multi-tasking is an art and way of life. But it’s not good for us. So work on focusing on one task at a time and move on once you’re finished because health professionals say people think multitasking is good, but you're actually creating more stress.

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Watching too much TV: If you're into watching TV for hours on end or binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix can potentially lead to a shorter lifespan. Researchers have found that for every hour of TV watched, adults cut life their life expectancy by 22 minutes.

Cutting all fat from your diet: Some fat is necessary in our diets. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in some fish and nuts, which can help to keep your skin looking fresh, fights off wrinkles, and can boost heart health.

Sitting most of the day: People who spend most of their day sitting face an increased risk for kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and obesity.

You're not using eye cream: Using a good eye cream can deter wrinkles from forming around your eyes because skin around the eyes is thinner.

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Only using sunscreen on vacation: Dermatologists say premature aging is due to excessive UV exposure, so wear sunscreen every time you’re out in the sun for long periods of time.

Wearing too much makeup: Using makeup with fragrances and/or chemicals can dry out your skin and wearing too much can clog pores, which can cause outbreaks.

Slouching: Nobody likes a slouch. Poor posture can lead to body aches and pain, fatigue, and could potentially lead to permanent deformity. Practice good posture by checking through the day. Practice good posture by making sure your ears, shoulders and hips form straight lines.

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The Sweet Tooth: Eating too many sweets could add years to your face along with weight to your body. Sugar molecules can damage skin cells, which lead to puffiness, more wrinkles and a loss of facial contours.

Cranking your heat: The cold on the Southcoast creates the temptation to turn the heat up. But if it's too hot, the moisture can be pulled from the air leading to dry, aging skin.

Drinking through a straw: Drinking dark-colored liquids through a straw can stain your teeth and cause wrinkles around your mouth.