For all you Apple lovers out there, check out this list below and discover the full potential of your Mac!

I love my MacBook! It is definitely one of my favorite accessories but there is still so much to learn about each piece of technology. It's so great when an article comes along that shows you quick little tricks you never knew you could do with your Mac! Here is my top favorite settings I never knew my Mac could do:

1. Have your computer read to you:

Sometimes, you just don't want to have to read 10 pages of a report. If you are more of an audible learner, this setting is perfect for you. All you have to do is select the section you want your computer to read, go to Edit at the top of your screen, then to Speech and Start Speaking. You can even change the voice of the narrator by going to your computer's Preferences and selecting Dialect and Speech.

2. Digitally sign documents: 

How cool is it to have an digital signature that you can just drag and drop into documents? All you need is a regular blank white paper in black ink. First, you want to go to Launch Previews on your Mac, open Preferences and select Signatures. From there you can click on Create Signature and hold your signature up to your webcam. Once your name looks straight and clear, click accept to save it to your computer.

3. Customize shortcuts:

It can get pretty tedious typing in the same website, so why not find as many shortcuts as possible? OS X can save your own personal keystrokes through customizable shortcuts. Go to Systems Settings, Language & Region, Keyboard Settings, and lastly Text. You can add your shortcuts by clicking the "+" sign.

4. Shop Faster:

Safari can automatically save your credit card numbers so you don't have to keep on filling the information in every time you want to online shop. Just click Preferences once you are in Safari and then Autofill. You can click Edit near credit cards to add in your information.

5. Conserve Your Battery:

Now this is a good one. You can see which applications are taking up the most energy by going to the battery icon at the top of your page and clicking Apps Using Significant Energy.

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