First, let me start off by saying how unlucky moms were this year, as nothing was open for their special day. Dads, your day is up, and while I know you don't shy away from telling everyone what you want there are some things you should make sure you get to do on Father's Day.

Now, I'm not super close with my father but I have some father figures that I'm pretty close to and I can assure you that most dads across the SouthCoast can relate and understand to at least one of these. Now of course there are more than just 10, but I'm sharing the first 10 that come to mind. One thing Dads have working for them is that our state has begun reopening and has provided an outlet for us to get out.

I'll start with the more obvious things that Dad may want to do to celebrate being a dad.

1. Golf. The courses are open and it looks like the weather should hold out. Make sure to schedule your tee time, though, as most courses across the SouthCoast are by reservation only and those times will be limited.

2. Do nothing. For some dads, this pandemic has them at home, but that doesn't mean that they are sitting on their butts. Lots of things have piled up on the "Honey Do" list and they are probably working harder now than ever before.

3. Build something. Some dads have been busy fixing up things in the house but they really just want to finally get their man cave set up. Let them take the day to do just that.

4. Play catch. Yes, some dads would have loved to actually go to a ball game but can't, so why not some quality time with your dad just playing catch?

5. Go to his favorite spot to eat. We all know dads usually go where the mom or kids want to go when going out to eat. So maybe this weekend you find that spot with outdoor dining that your dad likes best. Oh, and maybe you don't make him pick up the tab this time, maybe you do.

6. Go fishing. Not all dads play golf or for that matter want to go fishing. If your dad hasn't taken any time to step away from work or hasn't picked up the fishing rod in years, maybe it's time you surprise him with a quick trip. I have seen so many dads at Fort Phoenix fishing off the rocks with their families.

7. Let him have the remote. He may hog it most days anyway but on Father's Day just let him have it without asking, "Do we have to watch this?" It might be a chance for you to show him some interest in what it is he likes to watch. Who knows, you might end up liking it, too.

8. Do something that makes him proud. Dads will always let you know when you have done something that makes them proud. It's a direct reflection of themselves. Either remind them of what you accomplished or do something that makes them proud. Sometimes it's as easy as doing something he always asks you to do without having him ask you.

9. Let him get it. So Dad has been saying he wants a bigger TV. Or a certain kind of car. Well Father's Day is the day to finally give in and let him get it. Hey, if it's a bigger TV everyone benefits right?

10. Be gross. He may not want to take a shower or change out of his pajamas. Let him. If he stinks, just don't sit next to him. Oh, and if he burps or whatever, don't give him a hard time.

Hopefully, your dad takes advantage of a few of these this weekend and you'd better let him. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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