Chris Pratt is becoming an influential member of the zoological society thanks to his work in Jurassic World. Just look at the tweets zookeepers are posting in support of his training method.

They are mimicking the actor's moves in this well known scene from the motion picture. His dinosaur-taming technique is unique (and hilarious in real life).

From penguins and tortoises, to otters and walruses...zookeepers around the world are taking advantage of this meme to show off their training skills.

Even Chris Pratt is psyched about getting #JurassicZoo love. #ZoorassicWorld and #PrattKeeping ahve also been used to tag the meme.

You might want to take a look at a zookeeper from our very own Buttonwood Park Zoo #PrattKeeping with the cows! Just follow the link!

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