Last month we told you about the massive wolf-dog up for adoption in Middletown, Rhode Island. Now we know exactly how much wolf this big guy has in him.

Remember Zeus? He is the huge mixed-breed dog that wasn't legally able to be adopted in Rhode Island or Massachusetts because his DNA was part wolf.

At the time how much wolf was actually in him was anybody's guess. The Middletown shelter he was adopted out of guessed he was 1/3 Husky, 1/3 German shepherd and 1/3 wolf.

They were close, but not exactly right.

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The Potter League for Animals recently posted the official DNA results from Zeus on its Facebook and determined there were a lot of different breeds in him.

Zeus is mostly Alaskan Malamute, 30% to be exact. He is also 26% Siberian Husky, 9% German Shepherd and 4% Greenland dog. There's even a tiny bit of chihuahua in him (very tiny from the looks of things).

As for his wolf content, Zeus is 12% wolf and actually has 2% coyote, too.

Both of those animals make Zeus un-adoptable in many states. Luckily, one of them is not Vermont and that is exactly where Zeus is living now with his new owner, Ron.

Many have been following the Potter League for Animals' socials for this word on Zeus' history and, from the dozens of comments on his DNA results, were obviously thrilled to hear this news.

Some even had jokes to crack, including Jenn Lombardi who wrote, "So a wolf and a chihuahua walk into a bar..."

Good one, Jenn.

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