Without a doubt, our dogs have been thrown for a loop having us home all the time. It's still debatable whether they like our company this much.

Just like us, they have had to get used to the new normal and things constantly changing. You have probably made some adjustments to the furniture, you are sleeping different hours and they have probably gotten more than their share of human food even though they aren't supposed to be eating those things.

All of this may actually be stressing our dogs out just as much as they are stressing us out.

You may have heard some amateur fireworks going off recently in the area, which made me think, will we have fireworks displays on the SouthCoast for the Fourth of July this year?

It's one of the many things that that may be affected this summer. Across the country, they are canceling some of our biggest events. Does that mean no fireworks?

Well if you have a dog that gets startled by the loud booms of lightning and fireworks then they may be relieved that the possibilities to not have an actual show this year are real.

I personally have yet to hear of any fireworks cancellations in the area but I doubt that the cities and towns will be promoting large gatherings by July 4. Personally, I think they could still have them and we can all be adults and practice social distancing.

I know most of the pups I come in contact with usually cuddle up close to their owners when they hear the loud booms that come along with fireworks. Lots of crying and barking usually come along with that as well.

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