The "all ages" description usually sounds like a place that little kids will love and older kids will tolerate, but one look at this place and I knew I had to tell every young-at-heart-parent I know.

After a disappointing trip to Somerset’s infamous Big Red Slide this weekend (it was closed in August for repairs but, here we are) I started looking up other ‘big slides’ nearby. The results did not disappoint (more on ALL of those later).

TSM Big Red Slide

An hour away, in a land I never, ever think about is a place called Robbins Farm Park Playground. Yes, it’s just a playground with standard jungle gym equipment and a sand pit.  But that’s not why you’re taking the drive up there. You’re packing up the minivan and picnic basket because Robbins Farm Park in Arlington has real-life super slide built into the side of a hill.

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The wildest part about this playground is this feature is not what parents love the most—every review site has glowing reviews of the “great views of Boston." I guess that’s really all you have to look at when you spend all day standing at the top of the hill watching your kids climb up the stairs, slide down, repeat.


After reading every possible recent review I could find on this place, I’ve officially added it to my "places to go" list once the weather hits 40-plus degrees. Here are some pro tips if you plan on going, too:

  1. The slides can be slow and/or hot. Use a pillow-case just like you would a potato sack on the carnival’s super slides and you’ve got yourself a really fun ride.
  2. Pack a picnic. Don’t be lazy and throw a bunch of fruit snacks in your bag because you drove a really long way to have it ruined by hangry kids.
  3. Bring a friend. It’s so much fun you’ll want to share it with someone.
  4. Bonus: If you are traveling up there from the SouthCoast, you’ve got a really great hour and a half long car nap to look forward to on the way home.

Grab directions here and let us know how it was.

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