My life is pretty simple.  I don't look forward to much.  One of the highlights of my sorry existence is looking forward to plopping myself on the couch every Sunday and watching football.  I have my iPad in one hand, and Doritos in the other.

My Sunday was ruined today, however, when Yahoo's Fantasy Football servers decided to crash shortly before the 1 o'clock games kicked off.  Timing literally could not have been worse. Service didn't come back until late in the 2nd quarter of most 4 o'clock games.

According to Yahoo, their engineers were scrambling to fix the problem.

Even after servers came back online just before 5pm on Sunday, they were running super slow. I'm thinking they were running on backup servers. Nice going, Yahoo.  The fantasy football regular season is only 14 weeks long.  You just ruined 1/14th of the season.

Some pretty funny tweets about it, though. Tweeters were blaming everyone from President Obama to the terrorists.

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