Going to a concert can be overwhelming for some, but that doesn't mean you can't see your favorite artist at the Xfinity Center.

The summer outdoor concert season may be coming to an end, but for those with sensory sensitivity, there will be plenty of shows to see year after year at the Xfinity Center.

That's because the concert venue has earned their certification from KultureCity making them the very first sensory inclusive amphitheater in the world.

Jeff Mann from the Xfinity Center told ABC6 News that he noticed the issue of sensory overload at concerts more and more in recent years.

So he decided to do something about it.

The venue now offers sensory assistance at guest services, where people who are getting overwhelming during a show can stop in and get a backpack full of things to help keep them calm.

These backpacks include noise cancelling headphones, weighted lap pads and fidget spinners. Plus there are sectioned off rooms where people can take a break from everything going on and relax.

Employees are also trained to help someone in crisis to assist in getting them away from the overwhelming sights and sounds of the show.

Mann adds that parents have been very appreciative of the venue's efforts and feedback has been very positive.

So if you've avoided taking your child (or yourself) to see a favorite artist live due to sensory issues, you can now give concert going a try again.

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