Late last week, a little fawn, stumbled his way onto West Avenue in Seekonk.

The poor little baby was limping and in visible discomfort.  More often then not, stories that start like this end in a very negative way for the wounded animal.  Luckily for this little guy, this story's got a happy ending for all.

According to and ABC 6 report, a local man, on his way to work, was driving along West Avenue when he noticed the fawn struggling along. That's when the man sprang into action.

He reportedly pulled his car to the side of the road and sat with the fawn resting in his lap until police arrived to take the fawn to the Bristol County Animal Hospital. There, the fawn was diagnosed with what doctor's believe to be soft tissue damage. He'll soon be sent up to Tufts in Grafton, to rehab his injury, until he is ready to be released.

What a sweet story! With all the bad things that happen every day, it's nice to see some genuine stories about people doing the right thing and lending a helping hand, whether it's for another person or an animal like in this case. Thanks to this kindhearted man, this cute little fawn will be able to prance around with his family real soon!