How serious are you about social distancing? Serious enough to call the cops?

People are being asked to stay at home to "flatten the curve" of coronavirus cases, but not everyone seems to be adhering to this government request.

Many are still getting together with friends, hosting house parties, playing group basketball games at the park, having play dates with the kids and more.

So what do you do when you see someone violating the social distancing protocalls?

Lots of people are calling the police.

Several Massachuetts cities and towns have reported a large volume of social distancing violation calls in the past few weeks, which seems a little extreme to me. And clearly I'm not alone.  


Not surprising, officials in those towns are asking people to stop.

They say police will not be coming out to break up groups not following social distancing requirements, so don't waste your time or theirs making the calls in the first place.

Honestly I can't picture myself making this call.

I would be annoyed to see it and want to yell at them like a little old lady telling you to get off her lawn, but I don't think I'd ever think to call the police.

How about you?


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