It might just be the scariest tourist attraction in the world and those who are afraid of heights would definitely want to stay away!

Recently a glass suspension bridge opened to the public in China's Hunan province and thrill seekers from around the world will definitely have to add this one to their must see list!

The bridge stretches 1000 feet across two mountain peaks and the length of the bridge's floor is completely made of glass. So not only are you crossing from mountain to mountain, you can look down and see the 590 foot drop below you the entire way!

And if that wasn't enough, the weather where the bridge is located can get crazy windy...making the bridge start to sway! And when the fog rolls in you become surrounded in gray with no real way to tell where you are out there on the walkway!

This bridge is so scary they employ staff members trained to head out and rescue people who get frozen with fear!

So could you make it across this bridge?