I was watching a high school game with another dad last night. He was telling me about how his family is taking advantage of school vacation in April to take a little road trip down to North Carolina.

For the past couple of years, he and two other families are have pitched in to rent a big beach house right on the water. The place is big enough for everyone to have their own space, and all three families hang out and have dinner, etc.

Sounds great, right?

The only problem is that his 16-year-old daughter wants to bring her boyfriend. The worst part is that his wife is on board with the idea.

"She won't want to go if she doesn't bring him," his wife said."It'll be a much more relaxing vacation for everyone if he comes along."

Relaxing for who? Certainly not the dad!

I felt so bad for him. This is supposed to be a family vacation. Allowing the boyfriend to tag along is going to completely change the dynamic of the whole trip. The SUV is going to be more crowded, they're going from a family of four at restaurants to a crowded party of five. His daughter's focus will shift from family time to boyfriend time.

The reality is that there are probably a limited amount of family vacations left before the kids go off to school, find jobs, and have families of their own. There will be time enough for boyfriends later on. You're talking about a few days here, there really is no reason that they can't be apart for a few days without it being a crisis.

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