Well, it took about 33 minutes longer than I expected and a couple less goals, but after 123 minutes of game play Germany reigns supreme in the soccer world.

A few days ago I said that Germany would run away with this game and easily be crowned the champions of the 2014 World Cup. Well, it seems as though Argentina wasn't a huge fan of that opinion.

For 112 minutes the two clubs stood deadlocked with no score. Both teams had seen numerous opportunities come and go but nothing had materialized. That is until "Super" Mario Gotze, who had entered the contest late as a sub for Germany, wiggled a beautiful pass off of his chest and just past the Argentinian net minder, in the eighth minute of the second extra period. That goal came just in time for the Germans as penalty kicks loomed just seven minutes away.

While the Germans took the crown and won their fourth ever World Cup and first since 1990, Argentina really impressed, giving the otherwise dominant Germans their toughest test yet. In all honesty, in a game like this it really is a shame that penalty kicks weren't needed to decide a winner. Think about it, one on one with each team's best taking their final shot at the others' goalies. That would have been some finish.

All in all, it does feel like the better team prevailed today. Germany had looked so outstanding this whole tournament and while it would have been nice to see Lionel Messi lead Argentina to the upset, it's nice to see everything come full circle for Germany after some tough losses in previous years.

The only thing left to be said is, Congratulations Germany, and well done. For the full game recap from ESPN, click here.

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