The Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford is suspending activity for one year in 2016 and will return in 2017 as a biennial event, according to sources.

The organizers of the event have been diligently working on the establishment of the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center (NBFHC) and plan to dedicate more time to getting the center up and running, which has culminated in a decision to suspend the Festival for the 2016 season. In addition, the organizers are looking for new partners to work with to bring some new life back into the Festival.

The Working Waterfront Festival has been a main attraction in New Bedford for the past twelve years due to the showcase of New Bedford's commercial fishing ports and the Festival drew huge crowds with its free music, food and free family fun. In addition, vast amount of programs, tours and presentations that have stemmed from the Festival have made it a year-round attraction.

During their hiatus, a plan will be developed to insure the longevity of the Festival and it will return as a biennial event in 2017.

As we receive more information, we'll update you here and you can check Working Waterfronts website here.