Since this proposal-gone-wrong video first appeared online four days ago, people have been wondering, was it real or staged? We spoke to someone close to the stadium to give us the scoop on this viral video.

Clearly people at the WooSox game in the brand new Polar Park weren't expecting a proposal on Saturday night – and it seems the woman in this video wasn't either. As everyone can see, she got a bit freaked out about the idea of being married to this guy and instead of a sweet moment being caught on camera, a catastrophe was captured instead.

From where this fan started filming, you see a man and his girlfriend on one of the team dugouts during the game. He gets down on one knee with a ring and the girlfriend freaks out and literally runs away. Yikes.

But here's what you don't see.

A source at the stadium told us that this man contacted them days before the game to explain that he hoped to propose while in attendance with his girlfriend and both of their families. The stadium has a donation policy for such requests to ensure people are serious and this man made a $100 donation to the team's WooSox Foundation to make this proposal happen.

The plan was to get the couple on the dugout for the stadium's nightly Kiss Cam moment and when the camera panned to them for the kiss, he would drop to his knee and take out the ring. She had no idea it was anything but a Kiss Cam moment.

Then, much to everyone's surprise, game watchers and stadium employees alike, she bolted at the sight of the ring. Literally. She ran from the stadium. He followed behind and both of their families left with them, too, all never to be heard from by Polar Park staff since.

After the failed proposal went down, the production staff was stuck. They had no idea what to do. I'd think if this was a planned stunt, they'd have some sort of funny clip or song ready to go to get a laugh out of the crowd. Instead, it was moments of stunned silence followed by a cut right back to the game, and they never mentioned the moment again.

I've got to say, most people wouldn't cough up a $100 donation for a joke, or bring their family to the game if the whole thing was fake. My thoughts and the thoughts of those within the WooSox stadium staff are that this was indeed a real proposal gone terribly wrong.

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