Nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Woodstock Inn Brewery has a taste of Fall River on its menu, but how did it get there?

We know our food here on the SouthCoast is pretty awesome — so awesome, in fact, that a restaurant just about 200 miles away wants in on it.

WoodStock Inn Brewery in the town of North Woodstock has quite the breakfast menu and it just so happens to feature something called the "Fall River Omelette."

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I had to call and see what this was all about. I spoke with Molly Rice, daughter of owner Scott Rice. Molly said her father and his friend were both from Fall River. They wanted to have something on the menu that not only spiced things up a bit but gave a nod to their roots.

The Rice family resides in New Hampshire now.

The inn, open for decades in the heart of the town, just off I-93, is so beautiful that it kind of reminds me of a Hallmark Christmas movie. If you've never been, the pictures on the Facebook page are pretty awesome.

Woodstock Inn Brewery
Woodstock Inn Brewery

So, what makes this omelette (also spelled "omelet") so "Fall River"? Well, its main ingredient, other than eggs, is none other than chorizo. Note that in the menu above it's spelled "chorizo" and not "chourico," which is most abundant on the SouthCoast. Portuguese cuisine enthusiasts will be quick to point out differences between the two.

At Woodstock, a few hours' drive from Michael's, Gaspar's and other SouthCoast chourico purveyors, it seems to be the thought that counts.

Add some onions, peppers, cheese and, yes, even some wine, and you have what some might consider a very Fall River omelette.

Served with home fries and buttered toast, it carries a bit of a kick that might make it a standout at a destination also celebrated for its beer.

For those who wonder what's so special about chourico, just remember that many people south, west and north of the SouthCoast have never heard of it — or linguica for that matter.

Woodstock makes for a pretty neat weekend getaway. At just under 200 miles away from Fall River, it's not too bad of a drive, either.

If you get homesick, you can always head to the inn and order a special omelette.

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