We have received a few legitimate questions about how expiration dates will be handled with Seize The Deal.

A good majority of the Seize The Deal certificates have 90-day expiration dates on them. This is to encourage buyers to get out, enjoy the restaurants and use the gift cards so that we can offer more great discounts. However, during this period of social distancing and self-quarantine, obviously the restaurants won't be able to honor the gift cards because they are not open.

As we work through the host of issues and problems that COVID-19 has heaped upon us and virtually every other organization in the world, we have begun to address the issue with participating restaurants. We are currently working on clearing all expiration dates for Seize The Deals moving forward through April, and we'll take it on a month-by-month basis after that.

What about Seize The Deals that have already been sold? Often, certificates may have a "dine-in only" restriction listed. During the restaurant dining room ban, however, some Seize The Deal establishments may choose to waive the restriction and allow the Seize The Deal gift cards to be used for takeout orders. This is a decision that will be made at the restaurant level and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

We ask that you understand that many of our local restaurants have been put in a critical position. While they may welcome the new customers that a Seize The Deal gift card can often bring, they simply might not be able to fulfill the added expense at this time. We humbly ask that you exercise understanding.

We can also tell you that the bottomless availability of half-priced Wah May gift cards has been extended through Friday. Wah May has already agreed to extend the expiration dates to five months.

Additionally, the upcoming Festiva Buffet Seize The Deal this Friday will not have an expiration date at all.

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